• Welcome to the NeighbourHound!

    Wednesday Apr 06 2016


    NeighbourHound is a brand new must-stop-in shop for all K-9 lovers in the Markham
    and surrounding areas - and Head-Lites is just one of the local Canadian brands that NeighbourHound is showcasing in their speciality boutique! We are so excited and
    wish our newest Head-Lites family member all the best in this awesome new venture!

    Make sure you stop in to check out the Grand Opening Event: April 16, 2016




    33 The Bridle Trail
    Markham, Ontario, L3R 4E7
    Phone: +1 647 200 6387

  • Harley's Haven and Head-Lites!

    Friday Apr 01 2016


    Right in our back yard, we are very happy to be welcoming Hamilton's premier dog
    bakery Harley's Haven to the Head-Lites family. Not only can you stop in to pick up
    delicious, artisanal treats for your dog, this haven is truly a retreat for your pup to
    hang out in while also shopping for locally sourced dog products (like Head-Lites!). 


    Harley's Haven Dog Bakery
    592 Upper James Street, Unit 3
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8C 2Y6
    Phone: +1 905 383 6400



  • Dog Guides Canada and Head-Lites

    Friday Mar 11 2016

    When we started Head-Lites in 2012, it was a goal of ours to be able to get our product out to those who could really benefit from a bright, high quality, and reliable LED dog collar.

    We began working with search and rescue dogs, long distance mushing teams, and among our growing pack of Head-Lites users were various types of service dogs.

    Today, we are extremely humbled and pleased to be able to announce that Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. has committed to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides that every Canine Vision Canada (CVC) dog graduating from the Oakville, Ontario based school will receive a Head-Lites collar to enhance their working gear.

    Our first graduating teams received their customized Head-Lites in December 2015 and we are absolutely looking forward to keeping future CVC guide dogs and their human partners safe. Click here to read more about Dog Guides and Head-Lites.

  • Meet Jr. Musher - Team Whiteout!

    Friday Feb 19 2016

    It is with great pleasure Head-Lites is able to be a part of the next generation of young mushers - we welcome young Christina Gibson
    of Team Whiteout from Riverside, Washington to our Head-Lites racing team. Make sure you follow along the team's Facebook page for
    updates on how they are doing each season!

    Good luck and safe trails Christina!

  • Glowing in the Glebe!

    Wednesday Feb 10 2016

    Welcome to our newest Head-Lites family member Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa!
    We're super proud to be a part of their specially curated Canadian products line up.
    This former formidable mobile grooming ensemble is setting up roots in the Glebe to
    offer their top notch care of both your furry feline and canine companions!



    Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa
    732 Bank Street (the Glebe)
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3V4
    Phone: +1 613 882 7077



  • Iceland!

    Wednesday Jan 20 2016

    If you're a dog in Iceland, chances are you may also have a job in guarding live stock,
    pulling a sled, hunting, or performing search and rescue. You also live in a stunningly
    beautiful country where outside of the capital or small cities, there are no street lights. Head-Lites is truly honoured to be a part of Bendir's line up of night-time safety solutions
    in Iceland's only canine specific supply center.



    Bendir Ehf
    Hlídasmára 13
     201 Kópavogur, Iceland
     Phone:+ 354 511 4444




  • Good Vibes and Head-Lites!

    Thursday Nov 19 2015

    (photo credit: Good Vibes on Main)


    Life is definitely good with the Life is Good family in Newmarket - we are
    pawsitively buzzing to welcome Good Vibes on Main to the Head-Lites
    family. Not only do Ken and Vickie bring you the best casual wear on the
    planet, they are also bringing in gear for your furry ones like us! Definitely
    check them out if you're in the GTA and give Kody the dog some belly rubs!

    Good Vibes on Main on Facebook

    Good Vibes on Main
    254 Main Street South
    Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 3Z5
    Phone: +1 905 895 0606




  • To the north!

    Tuesday Nov 10 2015

    Residents of Yellowknife, North West Territories are familiar with those long
    dark winter nights with the sun setting around 3pm by the end of November.
    But thanks to our new Head-Lites family member Qimmiq Kennels & Doggy
    Day Camp
    - Head-Lites will be lighting the way on those dark nights! A premier
    indoor and outdoor facility, Qimmiq offers the ideal care for your K9 while you're
    away and also outdoor adventures for sporting dog enthusiasts.
    Hello Yellowknife!!

    Qimmiq on Facebook


    Qimmiq Kennels and Doggy Day Camp
    156 Curry Drive
    Yellowknife, NWT X1A 2P6
    Phone: +1 867 766 2345

  • Bonjour Mascouche!

    Tuesday Oct 20 2015

    We fit like a glove with our newest family member Nature Animale! For all you need 
    to keep a happy, healthy and super active lifestyle with your canine, folks in the city 
    of Mascouche, Quebec are very lucky to have a store like Nature Animale in their neighbourhood! We're ecstatic to have Head-Lites as their latest addition to their 
    fantastic product line!

    Nature Animale Inc.
    2719 Ch. Ste-Marie
    Mascouche, Quebec J7K 1N2
    Phone: +1 450 417 7070


  • Head-Lites hits Wasaga Beach!

    Monday Sep 21 2015

    The Georgian Triangle will now be lit by a new set of lites! Head-Lites are now available
    at our new family member Vanity Flair Pet Spa! A fullservice grooming facility, Vanity Flair
    goes beyond a simple bath and nail trim to offering holistic expertise on your pet care -
    looking good, feeling good - and now - being safe at night!



    Vanity Flair Pet Spa
    1456 Unit A Mosley Street
    Wasaga Beach, Ontario, L9Z 2B9
    Phone: +1 705 429 4242






  • Suisse! Schweiz! Svizzera! Svizra! Switzerland!

    Wednesday Jul 29 2015

    We're howling and yodeling as we welcome a new Head-Lites family member in
    Switzerland! Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buongiorno, Bien di Swisscool Mushing!




  • Cani-RAID 2015!!!

    Monday Jun 15 2015


    Imagine running through the Parc régional des Appalaches with your furry friend, cutting through shallow streams and meeting breath taking views... now imagine doing that in the
    dark!! Cani-RAID is one of the largest canicross events in Canada with participant numbers
    growing each year. Head-Lites is super stoked to be partnering with the FouBraque team for
    the 2015 Cani-RAID race to keep teams safe during the 5 km Canicross Nocturne race!


  • Canicross with Head-Lites - new collars!

    Wednesday Jun 10 2015

    Canicross, while it's a relatively new sport spreading across the world, most runners
    who are lucky enough to have a 4 legged running partner are already doing it! With the
    hot days ahead, what better way to get fit and bond with your dog than to run together
    when it's a little cooler in the evening? Working with the crew over at Foubraque, we're
    sprinting with excitement to launch a new line of Head-Lites that your furry running partner
    can wear to stay safe.

    Check out the new product line up here!



  • Personalize your Head-Lites!

    Tuesday May 26 2015

    Taking innovation further, Head-Lites is the first LED collar manufacturer to
    offer the ability to personalize your Head-Lites collar. With up to 6" of print
    area, identification information or event names can now be added to your
    premium LED collar. Add this feature to your shopping cart now!
  • Dia duit Ireland!

    Sunday Apr 26 2015

    We're starting to get jealous of our own product finding their way to countries we have yet
    to visit. We are leaping across the pond with excitement to announce Head-Lites are crossing the pond to our new partner Tails & Trails - K9 Sports and Adventures in Sligo, Ireland!


    Tails and Trails - K9 Sports & Adventures
    Sligo, Ireland
    Phone: 085 1054009/096 49171

  • Spring fashion line up with safety!

    Tuesday Mar 31 2015

    Chew-That's fabulous Shannon Giust was on Ottawa's CTV Morning Live today showcasing functional and fashionable canine apparel. Head-Lites was honoured to be a part of model Koda's Canadian made apparel with both a Head-Lites LED collar and LED leash worn with a Chilly Dog jacket!

    You can watch the video online here (we walk the cat walk at about minute 2:10!).
    You can find Head-Lites and a boat load of carefully curated products for all your pet needs
    at Chew-That.


    665 Earl Armstrong Road
    Gloucester, Ontario
    613 822 6469

  • Keeping Head-Lites Green

    Tuesday Feb 24 2015

    Warranty, glitches, fixes... it happens and most businesses cringe at talking about it, let alone dedicating a web blog entry to it. At Head-Lites, we absolutely want to ensure you're happy with your investment - always. Unfortunately poop can happen, but this poop has a green lining.

    A part of our warranty process is asking you to ship back the part that gave you problems. This helps us understand what we can do better. But the most important piece we don't toot enough about is actually a very significant one.

    We're conscious of our environmental footprint at Head-Lites. Our retail packaging is made from upcycled materials and FSC certified paper. We actively streamline our production to reduce any waste material, we source raw materials as local as possible. We also do our part in reducing the presence of consumer electronics in landfills and you can help us here by sending parts back.

    Did you know:

    • We recycle 100% of the battery box
    • All the metal from the collar is also recycled or repurposed 

    We're Canadian, and we're Green too, eh?

  • 2015 Yukon Quest!!

    Saturday Feb 21 2015

    We are so proud to congratulate the Head-Lites teams who participated in the 2015 Yukon Quest - Brent Sass on his fantastic victory as this year's champion and Rob Cooke for his well earned Red Lantern. This year saw 16 of the 25 starting teams complete an incredibly difficult 1000 mile journey. The Yukon Quest committee did an amazing job sharing race information, make sure you check out their Facebook Page for all the photos and videos. The race summary can be found on the Quest's News Page as well.

    Congratulations Wild and Free Mushing and Shaytaan Siberians! And now... on to Iditarod preparations, best wishes to all teams and KMA Kennel who will also be racing in March.




  • Have we met before...?

    Thursday Jan 08 2015

    At Head-Lites, we believe night time safety is absolutely important and any product that helps your visibility is a good thing to have, no matter who's product you choose to invest in (we'd like it to be ours of course!). We love that more and more pet owners are concious about keeping their companions safe at night.

    During our journey with this company, we have some amazing Head-Lites customers who send us notes saying "Hey, have you seen these guys? They've also got LED collars." We can barely keep up with what's going on in our market space that we appreciate all the helpful intelligence gathering our friends help us with. Over time we started seeing a pattern in the products that were popping up... "This one looked like the other one, but has a different name. Why this is a Kick Starter, I bought the same product from eBay 5 years ago..." Funny enough, on a weekly basis, we get price and product lists from oversees manufacturers wanting to produce collars for Head-Lites.

    Here's an example of a product list we were emailed. Same stuff, different factories, different part of Asia.

    Do you recognize some of those collars in the stores or websites you've been to? Upon inquiring about pricing, we were told each piece was $1 USD with a minimum order of 1000. Wow. This could change Head-Lites, no more smashing needles, no more breathing soldering fumes... but wait a minute... if our price is $1... imagine how much it costs the factory to make. Then imagine what labour costs might be, let alone the conditions. Then we'd be just like the other collars that propelled us to design Head-Lites... When you see the same product on our shelves in North America for $20 - $40, you're looking at something that costs less than $1 to make. Great business model right?

    But is this model right for our local economy? Do you care...?

    Something to think about...  eh?


  • Meet Our Mushers

    Wednesday Jan 07 2015

    Head-Lites is very proud to sponsor a select group of mushers each year as we
    armchair-mush along side the world's toughest athletes. You can join them too by liking
    their respective Facebook pages to keep up to date with how each team is doing! 

    Read more about Our Mushers here.