Our Mushers

Long dark nights, snowed in roads, one trail shared by snow mobiles - it's just another evening for those who live and run dog teams in the northern parts of our continent. For those who are passionate partners of dogs and live for the proximity to nature, it doesn't get any better than being a long distance musher.

Head-Lites is very proud to sponsor a select group of mushers each year as we armchair mush along side the world's toughest athletes. You can join them too by liking their respective Facebook pages to keep up to date with how each team is doing!


Sebastian Schnuelle



Sebastian Schnuelle of Blue Kennels is one of the most recognized names in the mushing community as a champion and guide into the world of long distance mushing. We are stoked to have Sab and his team running GREEN Head-Lites!



Brent Sass



Brent Sass of Wild and Free Mushing Alaska is a fan favourite due to his positivity that beams brighter than his head lamp. A true champion with a heart of gold, it's fitting that Brent will be running YELLOW Head-Lites in these races:




     Rob Cooke


      Rob Cooke of Shaytaan Siberians and his wife Louise are living their dreams that began with a husky named Flint in England. Moving across the Atlantic to Nova Scotia, the pack kept chasing the white stuff to Whitehorse, Yukon. You won't miss this electric BLUE Head-Lites team as they race this year!



      Karen Ramstead


      Canadian musher Karen Ramstead of North Wapiti Kennels is a renowned figure in both the racing and judging side of premier long distance mushing across North America. Karen runs a rainbow team of Head-Lites (as you can tell from the beautiful image above)!








      Christina Gibson (Jr. Musher)


       Young Christina Gibson of Whiteout Racing Kennel in rural Washington is one to watch as she paces her way into the world of long distance mushing with her team of Alaskan Huskies. We're keeping an eye on this one as she races in BLUE Head-Lites!