Collar Sizing


Head-Lites collars are currently available in six streamlined adjustable sizes:

  • 14-16 inches, 16-18 inches, 18-20 inches, 20-22 inches, 22-24 inches, 24-26 inches
  • 35-40 cm, 40-45 cm, 45-50 cm, 50-55 cm, 55-60 cm, 60-66 cm


Low Beams Collars are available in 3 adjustable sizes:

  • 10-12 inches, 12-14 inches, 14-16 inches
  • 25-30 cm, 30-35 cm, 35-40 cm


Mushing and Sporting collars are available in the following sizes:

  • 15-17 inches, 17-19 inches, 19-21 inches, 21-23 inches  
  • 38-43 cm, 43-48 cm, 48-53 cm, 53-58 cm


Here's a quick breed and size guide we've put together.

To determine what size you will need, please follow the steps below:


Step 1:

Take your dog’s current collar and close it as you would if it was on his / her neck.

Step 2:

Take a string and trace the circumference of the collar with the string until the free end meets the segment of rope which closes the loop.

Step 3:
Still holding the string by both ends, straighten the string along a ruler or measuring tape and make note of the length of the string. 


Are you giving Head-Lites as a gift and not sure what size you will need? No worries, we've gotten fairly good at figuring out what size you'll need based on the breed, gender and rough weight. Send us an email with any questions you might have! 


* larger custom sizes are available upon request