What Makes Head-Lites Unique?



  • Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. is proudly a Canadian company based in Winona Ontario
  • All products and their packaging are 100% Made in Canada



  • Head-Lites has the largest number of LEDs around the dog's neck, making them the brightest collars today
  • Highly visible, steady solid light with over 3 months of daily doggie use with Head-Lites, 1 month of use with Low Beams.



  • Head-Lites LED collars and leashes use 2 replaceable AAA batteries, alkaline, or rechargeable
  • Low Beams LED collars use one CR2032 battery



    • Head-Lites are made with high quality electronic and textile components and assembled with care in Canada
    • Each collar comes with an Alu-Max Buckle, the strongest buckle on the market today
    • Low Beams 10-12" are made with a safety release Premier plastic buckle
    • Head-Lites is tough enough to endure wrestling matches of young Siberian Huskies and cold Canadian winters



      • Head-Lites actively recycles through our warranty program to keep consumer electronics and metal out of our landfills



      • The only modular collar on the market today: lighting unit is removeable, allows washing of the collar and / or a different colour light to be swapped in
      • Additional tag ring can be added for a separate attachment point
      • Simple, yet stylish design available in a wide variety of colours
      • PUPPY upgrade - if your dog out grows their collar within a year, mail the entire collar back to us, we will make you a new collar using as much of the original components as possible.


      * Patent Pending