Dog Guides Canada



Service dogs perform a crucial role in the lives of Canadians living with disabilities. Due to
their well suited disposition, the Labrador Retriever is the most commonly used breed for service dogs and a large percentage of these dogs have black coats too! While it is difficult to remain visibly safe at night while walking your dog, imagine the added challenge of a visually impaired individual whose dog guide is their life line.

Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. is proud and humbled to commit to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides that every Canine Vision Canada (CVC) dog graduating from the Oakville, Ontario based school will receive a Dog Guides Canada Head-Lites collar to enhance their working gear. We believe in doing our part to keep working K-9's and their human partners safe at night.

The LFC Dog Guides enables Canadians to have access to service dogs at no cost, the
entire K-9 training program is funded by donations and fundraising efforts. Click here to
learn more about how you can help. There are many ways such as direct donations, participating in a walk, or even fostering a future guide dog!