Frequently Asked Questions


Will you ship anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! While we have collars all over Canada and the United States, Head-Lites collars are also in Austrailia, Ireland, Iceland, England, France, Turkey, Japan and the Czech Republic!

How are the Head-Lites Collars Sized?

With our unique rugged design to maximize the amount of light around your dog's neck, we've streamlined the fit in 2" increments starting at 16" up to 26" (and beyond!). Each collar will give you 2" of adjustability in sizing. Don't forget to check out our sizing page to ensure you have the size for your companion.

For our little breed friends, we now have our Low Beams collection available which uses a single CR2032 battery which is lighter and smaller, enabling us to fit necks from 10 to 16".

Why do you use replaceable batteries and not a USB chargeable battery as your power source?

Early on we explored a prototype USB charged LED collar and what we found from many of our testers was that a) they had too many devices plugged into their wall already, and b) that resulted in forgetting to charge their collar, which c) made the collar unusable when they really needed it. Many of our adventure and wilderness seeking K9's and their friends use their Head-Lites collars in remote areas away from a plug-in power source so it's much easier to carry spare alkaline (or rechargeable) AAA batteries (or CR2032s for our Low Beams) when needed.

Are the collars waterproof?

The Head-Lites collars are not waterproof - however they perform in all types of wet conditions. We've tested the collars in rain, snow, sailing, and dunkings in fresh water - and they kept glowing the distance. Make sure you dry out the electronic components of the collar before storing it to ensure continued performance. 

Please read the pamphlet that accompanies your collar for further information on care and warranty. Head-Lites collars have a limited 1 year warranty.

Why aren't your leashes lit all the way?

We believe that the most important connection between you and your dog when you are out together is your leash. First and foremost beyond nightime safety is the ability to just keep your dog safe. A leash should function to keep your dog close to you and out of harms way - meaning you need it to be strong and flexible. You may need to also quickly coil up or uncoil parts of a leash around your hands or if you needed to tie your dog up to something. When you introduce wires and electronics into a leash, you weaken the overall strength of a good piece of solid rope, webbing, or leather.