Low Beams™ Collars



    Low Beams™ LED Collars bring together light weight battery technology and the quality and visibility you've come to trust from Head-Lites®. Our adjustable 12-14" and 14-16" collars are outfitted with the industry leading Alu-max buckles. Making this our smallest and lightest collar, our 10-12" uses the best plastic buckles on the market from Duraflex. In comparison to our flagship product, Low Beams are powered by a single CR2032 battery to bring the size and weight of the collar down for our smaller breed friends.

    Have an adventurous outdoor cat? Our 10-12" Low Beams have an optional safety breakaway plastic buckle which is a safety-must for all feline products.

    Easy push button on and off also enables 3 light modes - a fast flash, a slow flash, and a solid light. Each collar is also made with 3M 8712 reflective material to add additional visibility. With Head-Lites proven technology, Low Beams will give you at least 24 hours of continuous light before the battery needs to be replaced. With Head-Lites unique design, the light strand can be removed to swap in a different coloured light or you can wash the collar when your furry friend goes for a roll in the mud!  

    ... and best of all... these are Made in Canada too eh?  

  • Blue Water Navy (Low Beams) Blue Water Navy (Low Beams)
  • Classic Blue (Low Beams) Classic Blue (Low Beams)
  • Cotton Candy (Low Beams) Cotton Candy (Low Beams)
  • Grape Jelly (Low Beams) Grape Jelly (Low Beams)
  • Hi Vis Orange (Low Beams) Hi Vis Orange (Low Beams)
  • Lavender (Low Beams) Lavender (Low Beams)
  • Night Patrol Black (Low Beams) Night Patrol Black (Low Beams)
  • Reflective Red (Low Beams) Reflective Red (Low Beams)
  • Sergeant Pink (Low Beams) Sergeant Pink (Low Beams)
  • The Hipster (Low Beams) The Hipster (Low Beams)