Warranty, glitches, fixes... it happens and most businesses cringe at talking about it, let alone dedicating a web blog entry to it. At Head-Lites, we absolutely want to ensure you're happy with your investment - always. Unfortunately poop can happen, but this poop has a green lining.

A part of our warranty process is asking you to ship back the part that gave you problems. This helps us understand what we can do better. But the most important piece we don't toot enough about is actually a very significant one.

We're conscious of our environmental footprint at Head-Lites. Our retail packaging is made from upcycled materials and FSC certified paper. We actively streamline our production to reduce any waste material, we source raw materials as local as possible. We also do our part in reducing the presence of consumer electronics in landfills and you can help us here by sending parts back.

Did you know:

  • We recycle 100% of the battery box
  • All the metal from the collar is also recycled or repurposed 

We're Canadian, and we're Green too, eh?