• Trail testing with Robin!

    Monday Nov 21 2016


    If you're looking to follow an Instagram account that inspires you to get out and live life to the fullest with your 4 legged friend - look no further than @robinventures. Robin and his human Katherine put Head-Lites to the test and posted a in-depth review of both our Low Beams and Head-Lites collars. Have a peak at their Trail Tester Blog on what they had to say about Head-Lites and give them a follow!



  • Adventure and Atlas!

    Monday Sep 12 2016




    The name alone sums him up perfectly: Atlas the Adventure Dog. His Instagram
    account greets you daily with stunning photos inspiring you to get out with your
    furry friend and explore this beautiful country we are proud to call home.

    Head-Lites was thrilled to be taken along for Atlas' latest journey to Abraham Lake,
    Alberta. Read all about it on Atlas' blog

    Make sure you follow Atlas and his human Jenna as they showcase and share the
    love and fun they have together. (Images courtesy Atlastheadventuredog)



  • Head-Lites gets tested on PetGuide.com

    Tuesday Oct 28 2014

    Musher, ski-jor-er, all around active dog lover Kevin Roberts over at PetGuide.com gives Head-Lites a good work out with his active pack of three furry friends. Check out how things went in his review below!



  • Fou Braque gives Head-Lites a thumbs up!

    Wednesday Oct 22 2014

    Promoting and enjoying the great outdoors and excercise together, human and canine, is what the folks at FouBraque are all about. We were thrilled to hear tha Head-Lites were being put to the test by Laurence and Louna and you can check out their video review below!



    Follow them also on their Facebook Page.

  • Boingy Dog shares how Head-Lites made a difference

    Tuesday Nov 26 2013

    While it's dark and cold outside now, we sometimes forget that our pets safety should be always on our minds in any type of weather conditions. Kayo over at Boingy Dog shares with us a great example of how he kept safe during a windstorm.


  • Gizmo gives Head-Lites a go!

    Monday Oct 07 2013

    GizmoGizmo the Geo-Caching Terrier is one of the most active pups we've ever had the pleasure to meet and we're helping celebrate his 5th "Gotcha Days" with a giveaway too. Check out Gizmo taking Head-Lites for a walk!


  • Grouchy Puppy's 5 Autumn Dog Safety Tips!

    Monday Sep 23 2013

    Grouchy PuppyCleo over at Grouchy Puppy gives us her 5 tips to stay safe while walking in the evening as the sun goes down - we're proud to be featured as part of her safety line up! Click here to read more.
  • Get to know Head-Lites!

    Saturday Jul 13 2013

    We had the chance to sit down with the folks at Found Frolicking and have a nice heart to heart. Check out our interview here!


  • Made in Canada Feature!

    Wednesday Jul 03 2013

    Wow! So thrilled to be included in a "Made in Canada" series on the Blog Found Frolicking! Check out this incredibly informative review of Head-Lites!


  • Head-Lites Review by The Pet Blog Lady

    Tuesday Jun 11 2013

    We were honoured by The Pet Blog Lady recently! Check out her review!

  • Ottawa Dog Blog Product Review!

    Saturday May 11 2013

    To our pooches in the nation's capital, the Ottawa Dog Blog recently reviewed our collars! Check it out the review!

  • Making the Metro Gift Guide!

    Friday Dec 28 2012

    Head-Lites made the Metro News 2012 Pet Holiday Gift Guide in their November 23rd edition! Wow, what an honour to be selected!

  • Collars Featured on UK Halsey Sailmaker Blog!

    Tuesday Nov 06 2012

    If you're a sailor with your season ending, you'll appreciate what happens if you've got an old sail that needs another life. We'll take your scraps from the loft and turn them into dog collars! Check us out on the UK Sailmakers Blog!

  • Head-Lites for safe night walking!

    Saturday Jul 21 2012


    The Toronto Star Pet Columnist Yvette Van Veen gives a shout out to Head-Lites and other fellow lighted pet product vendors in the July 21st edition of the Star.  Get your own Head-Lites today to see for yourself how bright these collars are for keeping you and your canine companion safe for walking together at night!

    We get asked many times if we’re aware of what other collars are out there – of course! That’s why we decided to make our own after trying so many different ones – but the question is – do you know what’s out there? We took some time (and money!) to bring in an example of what's out there to do an apples to apples comparison together - can you see which one is the Head-Lites collar in the photo to the left? As a fellow pet product consumer, we’re impressed with the variety out there; each collar has a different standout characteristic.

    When we designed Piper’s collar, it had to be reliable, tough, and bright. What features are important to you?