The Toronto Star Pet Columnist Yvette Van Veen gives a shout out to Head-Lites and other fellow lighted pet product vendors in the July 21st edition of the Star.  Get your own Head-Lites today to see for yourself how bright these collars are for keeping you and your canine companion safe for walking together at night!

We get asked many times if we’re aware of what other collars are out there – of course! That’s why we decided to make our own after trying so many different ones – but the question is – do you know what’s out there? We took some time (and money!) to bring in an example of what's out there to do an apples to apples comparison together - can you see which one is the Head-Lites collar in the photo to the left? As a fellow pet product consumer, we’re impressed with the variety out there; each collar has a different standout characteristic.

When we designed Piper’s collar, it had to be reliable, tough, and bright. What features are important to you?