• Cani-RAID 2015!!!

    Monday Jun 15 2015


    Imagine running through the Parc régional des Appalaches with your furry friend, cutting through shallow streams and meeting breath taking views... now imagine doing that in the
    dark!! Cani-RAID is one of the largest canicross events in Canada with participant numbers
    growing each year. Head-Lites is super stoked to be partnering with the FouBraque team for
    the 2015 Cani-RAID race to keep teams safe during the 5 km Canicross Nocturne race!


  • Spring fashion line up with safety!

    Tuesday Mar 31 2015

    Chew-That's fabulous Shannon Giust was on Ottawa's CTV Morning Live today showcasing functional and fashionable canine apparel. Head-Lites was honoured to be a part of model Koda's Canadian made apparel with both a Head-Lites LED collar and LED leash worn with a Chilly Dog jacket!

    You can watch the video online here (we walk the cat walk at about minute 2:10!).
    You can find Head-Lites and a boat load of carefully curated products for all your pet needs
    at Chew-That.


    665 Earl Armstrong Road
    Gloucester, Ontario
    613 822 6469

  • Keeping Head-Lites Green

    Tuesday Feb 24 2015

    Warranty, glitches, fixes... it happens and most businesses cringe at talking about it, let alone dedicating a web blog entry to it. At Head-Lites, we absolutely want to ensure you're happy with your investment - always. Unfortunately poop can happen, but this poop has a green lining.

    A part of our warranty process is asking you to ship back the part that gave you problems. This helps us understand what we can do better. But the most important piece we don't toot enough about is actually a very significant one.

    We're conscious of our environmental footprint at Head-Lites. Our retail packaging is made from upcycled materials and FSC certified paper. We actively streamline our production to reduce any waste material, we source raw materials as local as possible. We also do our part in reducing the presence of consumer electronics in landfills and you can help us here by sending parts back.

    Did you know:

    • We recycle 100% of the battery box
    • All the metal from the collar is also recycled or repurposed 

    We're Canadian, and we're Green too, eh?

  • 2015 Yukon Quest!!

    Saturday Feb 21 2015

    We are so proud to congratulate the Head-Lites teams who participated in the 2015 Yukon Quest - Brent Sass on his fantastic victory as this year's champion and Rob Cooke for his well earned Red Lantern. This year saw 16 of the 25 starting teams complete an incredibly difficult 1000 mile journey. The Yukon Quest committee did an amazing job sharing race information, make sure you check out their Facebook Page for all the photos and videos. The race summary can be found on the Quest's News Page as well.

    Congratulations Wild and Free Mushing and Shaytaan Siberians! And now... on to Iditarod preparations, best wishes to all teams and KMA Kennel who will also be racing in March.




  • Have we met before...?

    Thursday Jan 08 2015

    At Head-Lites, we believe night time safety is absolutely important and any product that helps your visibility is a good thing to have, no matter who's product you choose to invest in (we'd like it to be ours of course!). We love that more and more pet owners are concious about keeping their companions safe at night.

    During our journey with this company, we have some amazing Head-Lites customers who send us notes saying "Hey, have you seen these guys? They've also got LED collars." We can barely keep up with what's going on in our market space that we appreciate all the helpful intelligence gathering our friends help us with. Over time we started seeing a pattern in the products that were popping up... "This one looked like the other one, but has a different name. Why this is a Kick Starter, I bought the same product from eBay 5 years ago..." Funny enough, on a weekly basis, we get price and product lists from oversees manufacturers wanting to produce collars for Head-Lites.

    Here's an example of a product list we were emailed. Same stuff, different factories, different part of Asia.

    Do you recognize some of those collars in the stores or websites you've been to? Upon inquiring about pricing, we were told each piece was $1 USD with a minimum order of 1000. Wow. This could change Head-Lites, no more smashing needles, no more breathing soldering fumes... but wait a minute... if our price is $1... imagine how much it costs the factory to make. Then imagine what labour costs might be, let alone the conditions. Then we'd be just like the other collars that propelled us to design Head-Lites... When you see the same product on our shelves in North America for $20 - $40, you're looking at something that costs less than $1 to make. Great business model right?

    But is this model right for our local economy? Do you care...?

    Something to think about...  eh?


  • Meet Our Mushers

    Wednesday Jan 07 2015

    Head-Lites is very proud to sponsor a select group of mushers each year as we
    armchair-mush along side the world's toughest athletes. You can join them too by liking
    their respective Facebook pages to keep up to date with how each team is doing! 

    Read more about Our Mushers here.


  • Shining Head-Lites on The Face

    Friday Jan 02 2015

    The holiday season has come and gone, packages wrapped and unwrapped. Sadly, we take for granted the men and women who are on the roads all hours of the day, transporting products across the continent so that stores could be stocked with items you wanted for Christmas. Did you know a number of these drivers have furry companions who ride shot gun? Check out the January 2015 issue of The Face online to read about some of these amazing people and also the fun photo contest we're very happy to be a part of!

    Contest details: http://theface.biz/magazine/win-a-head-lites-led-pet-collar/


  • Lighting up the 2014 Yukon Quest

    Monday Feb 17 2014

    Yukon Quest StartYou can just feel the excitement in the air in this video. The start line was buzzing with energy on February 1st as the 2014 running of the Yukon Quest began. Head-Lites were proud to be taken along for this adventure in an ultimate test of safety in extreme cold and darkness. We were pleased to support two teams, Heidi Sutter of KMA Kennel running the 300 mile, and Brent Sass of Wild and Free Mushing in the 1000 mile race. This annual race draws an international pool of competitors as the race began in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA with the 1000 miler ending across the border in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  

    We would like to give a heart felt congratulations to Heidi on her fantastic 3rd place finish (not bad as a rookie!) and also to Brent for putting up an amazing display of endurance and determination to be the first musher in Dawson City. Due to an unfortunate accident, Brent had to retire from the race and we wish him a speedy and safe recovery. We are so proud of both our mushers and teams.   

    What's it like to be out there, in -30 Degrees Celsius weather, just you and your team of 14 dogs? Check out Heidi's account of her race on KMA Kennel's Blog and also this great video of the team puling into Central!
    Thank you to KMA Kennel and Wild and Free Mushing for the use of the photos in this post. You can follow along in their adventures in their respective Facebook pages hyperlinked above.
  • "Why is your dog glowing?" Contest!

    Tuesday Nov 26 2013

    We thought we'd have some fun with this one and see how you would answer the question "why is your dog glowing?"

    Click here to join in the contest!

  • Petsmove.Org October Mover of the Month!

    Saturday Nov 16 2013

    Head-Lites would like to congratulate October's PetsMove Mover of the Month, Katan! Awesome job to Katan and owner Mario for earning the highest number of PAWS as well as participating and promoting the PetsMove initiative to their friends and family! Katan was awarded a Head-Lites collar of his choice, which was the Hi Vis Orange with red lights.

    What a great role model of Petsmove's slogan: Get off your butt and work out with your mutt!


    Photos courtesy Katan's owner, Mario.

  • Giddy and Twinkle Gives Tip of the Day #232

    Monday Nov 04 2013

    We're not worthy!!

    Head-Lites makes Giddy and Twinkles special Tip of the Day series as tip #232!

    Help Peace and Paws Rescue in their latest endeavor to give a 2nd chance to animals that would not other wise have the opportunity at a better life. Visit peaceandpaws.org and this fundraising link for more info.

  • Head-lites and Petsmove.org

    Monday Oct 14 2013

    Head-Lites is pleased to be sponsoring October's Mover of the Month on Petsmove.org! Get off your butt and move with your mutt!

    A great website to motivate you and your K-9 to health and fitness together with fun monthly contests and prizes.



  • All hail Black Dog Ninja.

    Friday Jul 26 2013

    We had so much fun working on this little graphic with the folks over at Peace and Paws Rescue. So pleased to feature Black Dog Ninja herself, super star Twinkle in this little info graphic!


  • Head-Lites and Northern!

    Wednesday Mar 27 2013

    We love Canadian made products, and for dog treats, it doesn't get any better for your pup than Northern Biscuits! We are pleased to announce all Head-Lites orders will now ship with a healthy sample of Northern Biscuits!