Yukon Quest StartYou can just feel the excitement in the air in this video. The start line was buzzing with energy on February 1st as the 2014 running of the Yukon Quest began. Head-Lites were proud to be taken along for this adventure in an ultimate test of safety in extreme cold and darkness. We were pleased to support two teams, Heidi Sutter of KMA Kennel running the 300 mile, and Brent Sass of Wild and Free Mushing in the 1000 mile race. This annual race draws an international pool of competitors as the race began in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA with the 1000 miler ending across the border in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  

We would like to give a heart felt congratulations to Heidi on her fantastic 3rd place finish (not bad as a rookie!) and also to Brent for putting up an amazing display of endurance and determination to be the first musher in Dawson City. Due to an unfortunate accident, Brent had to retire from the race and we wish him a speedy and safe recovery. We are so proud of both our mushers and teams.   

What's it like to be out there, in -30 Degrees Celsius weather, just you and your team of 14 dogs? Check out Heidi's account of her race on KMA Kennel's Blog and also this great video of the team puling into Central!
Thank you to KMA Kennel and Wild and Free Mushing for the use of the photos in this post. You can follow along in their adventures in their respective Facebook pages hyperlinked above.