When we started Head-Lites in 2012, it was a goal of ours to be able to get our product out to those who could really benefit from a bright, high quality, and reliable LED dog collar.

We began working with search and rescue dogs, long distance mushing teams, and among our growing pack of Head-Lites users were various types of service dogs.

Today, we are extremely humbled and pleased to be able to announce that Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. has committed to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides that every Canine Vision Canada (CVC) dog graduating from the Oakville, Ontario based school will receive a Head-Lites collar to enhance their working gear.

Our first graduating teams received their customized Head-Lites in December 2015 and we are absolutely looking forward to keeping future CVC guide dogs and their human partners safe. Click here to read more about Dog Guides and Head-Lites.