He’s no stranger to the spot light. His pug mug has graced the silver screen multiple times, his co-stars include a number of Canadian acting icons, and he even has an IMDb profile page. Igor (pronounced Eye-Gore) PugDog is a Canadian canine celebrity hailing from London, Ontario. Owner, handler, and manager Tracey Silverthorn noticed a special spark in Igor early on. She and her husband Sean nurtured his gentle nature from bringing a smile to one person to becoming an entertainer with an international audience of millions.

From answering a simple casting call for a local rescue organization, Igor’s climb to fame has been a steady one with his most noted performance in the award winning short film with Gordon Pinsent, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me. There’s a great promo clip of the two stars on YouTube when the film was aired for CBC's Short Film Face Off. But this little guy doesn’t let any of this stardom get to his head. In fact, he uses it for doing good in the community.

St.John Ambulance Therapy DogIgor and Tracey began (and still continue) their journey together as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog team. His growing popularity adds a powerful touch to his therapy tool kit when he is visiting local hospitals, shelters, schools and libraries. What began as a little pug visiting weekly turned into a positive self-propelling story that his special friends can follow along.

“His fame gives the residents at the hospital something to keep track of, we even had a screening of his short film for them. They keep up on his news articles etc. And some even follow him on Facebook...what better distraction in palliative care is there than a little pug?”

Sean Igor TraceyThis is also the 2nd year that Tracey and Igor have put together a fundraising calendar called “Bad to the Bone” where all proceeds are donated to support Pugalug Pug Rescue. You can show your support by purchasing Igor's 2014 Bad to the Bone Calendar online, which makes a fantastic Christmas gift.

Follow along on all of Igor’s adventures on his Facebook Page and Twitter Feed (we all do here at Head-Lites!). We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to shine a little light on this team, who’s future and philanthropy only keep glowing brighter.

(Photos courtesy Tracey Silverthorn and DAnilo URsini)