Canicross: ka-nē ˈkrȯs: is the sport of cross country running with your dog. All you need is dog harness, bungee line, a waist belt and an eager 4 footed running companion. Originating in Europe as a way to exercise sled dogs in the off season, this sport is growing in popularity all over the world! In Quebec, the exploding annual Cani-RAID event even has a night time run - and hey, dogs + night time = Head-Lites!! Designed with these athletes in mind, Cani-X Head-Lites use the brightest neon webbing combined with the industry best 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for "bright and light-weight" safety.

    Special thanks to our local models from Ancaster, Ontario: CanCH Brightspot Palace Malice "William", CanCH Brightspot Pure of Heart "Kayla", AmGCH/CanCH Brightspot Joshua Tree "Josh"
  • Neon Apple X Neon Apple X
  • Neon Lemon Lime X Neon Lemon Lime X
  • Neon Orange X Neon Orange X